Help needed: Windows sound issue!

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Good day to all! I'm a newbie here. I need some kind of help from you guys. I recently upgraded my windows from 7 to 10. But after that there is no sound as it was. What's the problem there? I was confused and trying to solve the issue as soon as possible. I started reading articles and following step by step guidelines. Here is an example site I am following ... -kein-ton/ My question is how much helpful is this? I will wait for your reply.

Thank you so much!
Jeanne Sy.
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Sorry for the late answer, but I was absent for a while.
I fortunately never had problems like that, my change to Windows 10 was without problems. I hope you did find a solution in the meantime?
I had a look at the page you cited and I was astonished about the sequence of the helping measures. I'm no computer nerd and not very experienced, I may be wrong, but I always would look first at the settings for audio and look if there is a change needed and second look if drivers need to be updated and third check if the soundcard is okay before making procedures to delete apps...
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It's a driver issue
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